BANLIEUE is a lifestyle brand founded in 2014. We create quality garments that are true to our roots, to the neighbourhoods we call home, and to the essence that represents the banlieues. Our style is raw and authentic, we stand with and for the community, to create memories that last a lifetime. 


It originated as a school project, in which one of the owners designed a T-shirt and started selling it on Instagram. The T-shirt quickly gained popularity, with requests coming in from all over the country. 


In 2017, BANLIEUE outgrew the living room and we opened our first store at Zaagmoledrift 4. 

Exactly one year later, April 2019, the first flagship store was opened on number 53. 

All on the same street. 


We kept evolving and expended to Amsterdam, with our first ever store situated there. 



What we do.



We exist to change the misconceptions of good and bad, finding value and beauty where others saw nothing. We exist to inspire and create a world where dreams grow from the streets to become reality through shared culture, teamwork, and entrepreneurship. As a brand that challenges the norm, BANLIEUE sets out to make a mark in the fashion industry, building a legacy alongside its community that will be carried on into the future and beyond. 



Driven by our purpose and values, our ambition is to do well by doing right. 



In 2021 we started our very own football club, named FC BANLIEUE. A place where young talent can evolve. At the club, we are committed to establishing a well-organized and structured club with clear rules and guidelines, coupled with experienced trainers for all our youth teams. 


And since 2023 we have our own foundation, the BANLIEUE foundation is an organization dedicated to creating opportunities and possibilities for youth and adults. Through the foundation, we engage in projects such as distributing school bags to all children in group 8 from Rotterdam-West.



Read more about our own football club, FC BANLIEUE.


Read more about our foundation, BANLIEUE FOUNDATION.