Dedicated to creating opportunities and possibilities for youth and adults.



BANLIEUE is a lifestyle brand based in Rotterdam, founded in 2014.  


With our unique vision and style, we have built a strong presence in the Rotterdam streetwear scene and beyond. 


We have a strong commitment to supporting local talents and initiatives. We are a brand that not only embraces fashion and design, but also strives for positive change in the community with our own foundation. 


The Banlieue Foundation is an organization dedicated to creating opportunities and possibilities for youth and adults. We believe that everyone, regardless of background or social status, is entitled to equal opportunities and a successful future. Therefore, the Banlieue Foundation provides support and guidance to young people, with the goal of inspiring and motivating them to pursue their dreams and realize their potential. Through its programs and activities, the foundation helps young people discover their talents, develop their skills and boost their self-confidence. At the Banlieue Foundation, we believe in the power of communities and collaboration. We work with local partners to create positive change in neighbourhoods and beyond.


Driven by our purpose and values, our ambition is to do well by doing right.


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Above some images of our latest project in collaboration with Arttenders, called ‘Court van Noord’. 


This project is about transforming Snellemanplein, this is a court nearby our first store. Our connection with the neighborhood makes this opportunity even more meaningful to us. 


Together, we jumped on a transformative journey to redefine this court. We explored new ideas and sketched out visions for this project. 



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